MYOB Speed & Stability Improvements using a Terminal Server

Greatly Improve the network performance of your MYOB Retail Manager setup

If you are experiencing problems running MYOB Retail Manager using the MYOB Network method (using a separate Retail Manager Network Licence for each computer) such as slow speeds or database corruption, then running MYOB Retail Manager or MYOB Premier on a terminal server will provide you with great benefits such as it being much more stable as well as significant speed improvements.. .

You also have the ability to save money on additional Network Licences as well as being able to easily access your MYOB Retail Manager or Premier remotely whilst on the road or at home..

About the Terminal Server setup

We can setup a terminal server product on a Windows 8, 7, XP, SBS 2003, SBS 2008 or VISTA system which will allow 5, 10 or 20 users to concurrently access and make transactions in your MYOB Retail Manager system.  Running a terminal server product means you don't need a Windows 2003 or Citrix Server.



Pricing consists of two parts - (1) Purchasing the Terminal server software & (2) Installation.  If you already have an appropriate Terminal server software, then we can simply provide the installation.

Terminal Server Software Licence

Licence for 3 users $295
Licence for 5 users $345
Licence for 10 users $495
Licence for 20 users $799

Installation, Setup & Configuration of Terminal Server MYOB Retail Manager System

5 user setup $599
6-9 user setup $599 for 5 user setup + $77 for each additional user
10 user setup $899
10-20 user setup $899 for 10 user setup + $50 for each additional user
Or if you are technically minded, we can provide you with the instructions to do it yourself for AUD $399.

Call us or email us now to find out more information or get this setup: Contact Us. Price above do not include GST.

MYOB Retail Manager database, speed or corruption issues can easily occur when using MYOB Retail Manager using the standard Retail Manager network setup.  The additional licence cost is also excessive compared to the quality of the solution.  Setting Retail Manager up on a terminal server not only provides significant speed and stability improvements, it also allows you to much more easily access your Retail Manager from remote locations using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) .